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The AshLand!!
About Ash's Vids

About Their Videos...

Here are a few Ash videos' explanations, sorted out by Dmh himself.

1. petrol (lo-fi setting fire to a subway)
2. uncle pat (shot in downpatrick)
3. jack names the planets( big budget us video to the angus soundtrack)
4. kung fu (antics in china town and the new cross venue),(also us version with clips from rumble in the bronx in it)
5. girl from mars ( painted up on the beach)
6. girl from mars ( us version in a weird museam with paintings)
7. angel interceptor ( weird hotel room trashing with make up)
8. goldfinger ( rain and playing in a dingey pub)
9. oh yeah ( me getting off with a fantastic swedish model, burning merry go round, rain, etc)
10. allo ( cars and a stand in rick, footage from the film also)
11. jesus says ( loads of spinning all round london, skaters/dancers and jesus)
12. wildsurf (big waves and super fit model , never seen though)
13. numbskull ( black dildos and razor blades)
14. warmer than fire ( spain/ swimming pool shots and burning pianos)
15. shining light (tim in deep blue sea with a mermaid)
16. burn baby burn (cheerleaders and loads of knicker shots)
17. sometimes (cuba, very sexy)
18. candy ( classic vid with me wearing purple shades,it's like in the wedding singer movie)
19. there's a star (in Iceland, full of snow, Tim searching through the snow to find his Flying-V)

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