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The AshLand!!

Here are the latest news from the band--


In this column I'll include any breaking news, such as information on upcoming releases or tours.

Anyways I heard these from loads of sources, some from dmh enjoy!

Just an info, the latest update in this section is in the bottom keep scrolling!

the video is released now, and NME said there was something going on with the vid shoot.
they were shooting it in Cuba, and the building they're shooting in broke down, collapsing.
thank God the members are okay, even though there are a few crews that were taken to hospital.
NME said the building couldn't stand much of their music sound.
hmm..what a close call!
Anyway, the single 'Sometimes' is released this 9th of July, check it out it's another cool track written by Tim. =)


Have you checked out Yeah, it's got a new calendar! New tour dates added, also. Check out the calendar to see if they're playing near you, or in YOUR town!

still 22/8/2001..

Ash is on BBC's webchat at around 8.30 pm!
Yay! get there and post what you want to ask Tim and Rick, and your questions will right away be answered by them!


'Candy' vid has been released, (check out the Ash's Video section in this web), and 'There's A Star' would be their next single, around Christmas.


Ash's single 'Candy' will be released on the 1st of Oct., and I've got some bad news...Ash's performance in Farm Aid is cancelled!
And all my thoughts and condolences are with the families and friends of those who are the victims of US tragedy...


I'm counting days till Ash's concert here in my's only 3 days away! Yay! I'll put it on the Show Reviews..
Anyway, from Ash, I heard my local radio station interviewing Rick two days ago (!!), and he said Ash is preparing about twenty (?!) songs for the next album...

(anyway, jedisteve thx for putting me on yer site! =p)

24 Sept 01

OMG I just went back home from an ash concert!! It rocked! It was fabulous! =) Complete infos on the Show&Reviews section...*still can't believe how sexy DMH looked on only cargo pants and black T-shirt..*


I just saw the Candy vid...I know it's bit too late...but well..=p
DMH looks soo fine there with the purple shade!! *droolzz* and Tim looks good's a great classic vid after all...


Today MTV are having a 1-hour-special with Ash on the Alt.Nation! MTV interviewed them when they were in Thai, and then they played Ash's vids nonstop for a whole hour..(yes, including Oh Yeah), it was fab...=DThe VJ asked DMH about his was funny though..;)
Tim was so bubbly, he talked a lot..they were all cute!


Ash is planning to record their next album in Australia, saying that they're fed up with UK. =) They said this when interviewed by an Australian radio station. And they're going to be on channel v Australia too for live performances and webchats! Lucky Australian people out there...

13/Oct. 01

Ash were on TOTP a few days ago, and DMH was wearing this cool sunglasses...they mimed the song anyway...(I think it was Candy?) and today is Livid day! Yay! Ash play there! Woo-hoo! And I don't even live anywhere NEAR Australia...x(


Ash's Candy dropped 14 places to number 34, and FAA dropped from 37 to 38...hope it'll go up the chart again soon!


It's confirmed that Ash'a next Christmas single, There's A Star, will be shot in Iceland, dressed in Han Solo style with Tim searching through the snow to find his Flying-V...*ehm*.And Ash will have the new DVD called, Tokyo Blitz.

26/Oct. 01
Ash - Giving peace a chance

Ash dedicated a track to the Irish peace process last night (October 25) during a secret show in London.
The Northern Irish four-piece dedicated 'Oh Yeah' to ongoing peace in the light of IRA promises to put some of their arsenal of weapons beyond use.
Last night's show, in the limited capacity Camden Monarch, saw Ash work through a Greatest Hits set including 'Girl From Mars', 'Kung Fu' and 'current single 'Candy'. They also covered Ween's 'What Deaner Was Like' and Weezer's 'Only In Dreams'.
Coldplay 's Chris Martin was amongst those watching the show


29 oct. 01

*Yay*!! They won for the best single, Burn Baby Burn on the Q Awards!! Us Ash fans did well on the voting then!! =D DMH thanks us boarders in the official board,saying that they continued the party by getting drunk and DMH not getting out of bed...cheers for Ash!!

31/Oct. 01

Happy Halloween's Day!
That really matches the main page layout, huh? =D
Anyways..Ash are releasing the FAA tour edition, check out yer local CD store, or order it from any good CD-buy-online website..

27. Nov 2001

Wow, been a long time huh? Tripod is having an error so sorry if the update's too long! Anyways, There's A Star vid is released, and it'll be their last single this year..*sobs* anwyays it will only be in stores for A WEEK, as Tav (Ash manager) it's only for die-hard Ash fans! Keep your eye on that!
And the TAS DVD will contain their south-east Asian tour, which includes Indonesia =) You'll see Ash on backstage and their live footage..
Well that's all, more updates coming soon!

05. Dec, 2001

Ash tour dates added..
03/02 Swindon - Oasis (warm-up)
06/02 Luxembourg - Kulturfabrik
07/02 Amsterdam - Paradiso
08/02 Goettingen - Outpost
10/02 Oslo - Rockefeller
11/02 Stockholm Gota Kallare
13/02 Trondheim - University
14/02 Bergen - Hulen
15/02 Bergen - Hulen
16/02 Stavanger - Folken
18/02 Karlsruhe - Substage
19/02 Modena Vox Club
21/02 Murcia - Auditorium
22/02 Granada La Industrial Copela
23/02 Zaragosa - Oasis
24/02 Bergara Sala Jam
26/02 Lisbon Paradise Garage
27/02 Oporto Hard Club

10. Dec, 2001
Ash performed in Smash Hits' PollWinnersParty yesterday, then flew away with the "chartered plane to Manchester" --as Tim said,
They didn't win, and they were performing BBB with cheerleaders..

12/18/2001 - Q NAME ASH IN TOP 50
Q Magazine named Free All Angels one of its 50 Best Albums of 2001. Q doesn't rank the Top 50 but called Ash's record "a third album laden with pristine summer-pop excellence." ---InfectiousUK

..Anyways, yesterday was the last day fasting for me.woohoo, cool! =)

And also, NME had named Ash as one of the greatest rock band in the world..yay, go you!!

Dec, 20. 2001

Have I told ya that There's A Star will only be released for the die-hard Ash fans, because it'll go public in only a week!! So save your money from now, pre-order it from the online shopping or dash through the CD store when There's A Star, Ash's last single, hit the stores on 31st of December!

Dec,21, 2001
Yay, just got There's A Star screensaver! You ca get it from
It's cool! You can listen to the B-sides too..

Dec, 24, 2001
Hmm..nothing new, really, i'm in the process of emailing Tav (the manager) so that Ash will come over to Jakarta again..=p He said they surely will come here again, but dunno when..dmh said so i guess fingers crossed then, hope they'll come here again!! And I've asked Tav about backstage passes, he said.. "we will come there again, as for the backstage pass..."
hmmmm....*wonders what that means*
oh and i guess i *forgot* to put it, Ash were on MTV Select (UK), and dmh told the boarders to 'make some noise' or something..he was v quiet though! ;)

Dec, 25, 2001
Merry Xmas! dmh posted a 'merry xmas' to us all on the board too, and there's another photo of ash in the main that I've put on..=D And they'll be on CDUK on 4/5 January i think, for Theres A Star..

Dec, 29, 2001
Just added the There's A Star detail in the Main Area..

01 Jan, 2002
Woohoo!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thank you for visiting this site, maybe twice, or even once, but you really help the counter ticking.. =p So, may all your wishes come true next year!!
Ash are in Jools Holland, and oh, Tav is thanking the fans in the Ash board, and I've sent it in the mailing list..=D Aww he's just a really nice person!
Don't forget to buy There's A Star, out only for ONE WEEK! And please, buy the DVD, you will see a poem there, and it's created by a boarder named Matt-O-Tom. DMH decided to insert his poem to the TAS DVD..hmm..a lovely bloke! =D

Timmy's bday!! =D He's turning 25, woohoo..ok not so woohoo..that's old..=( but happy bday neways!
And Tav said Ash are in CD:UK tomorrow..

Jan 07, 2002
Hmm..There's A Star is in the 13th postition! Yay! DON'T say 13 is an unlucky number, I warn you...=p
In the board there's an Ash Board Award set up by Luke aka ManicApollo..great idea. Will be announced at 13th of January. Lots of great nominatins; rudest bitch, most likely to build a statue after they die...interesting! =D Anyways Ash are back in Belfast now, I guess..met dmh yesterday on chat..R.I.P to his cat, Kissy!! =(

Jan, 08, 2002
Message from dmh about Theres A Star position..:

"fucking great. 5th ( deffo last of FAA !) single and we get to number 13. nice one to everyone who went and got it. we are all quite suprised it held it's position from the midweeks so well. good way to finish off the FAA campaign aswell. in the future weeks there's gonna be another free give away cd with another newspaper which should include another exclusive remix. i'll keep you's in the know for when that'll be. hope to see some of yous down at swindon or the astoria. and i know there's a few hardcores heading to amsterdam. that place never disappoints. again big up your selves and cheers."

Jan, 15, 2002
Ash's Theres Star won MtvAsian's Soundcheck (woo) so now it's on the mtv asia playlist, i guess...=)
Just added their live performance from TOTP with dmh wearing a silly Steps T-shirt with a frown..check the Pics area to see!


The Independent has named Ash's "Candy" its Single of the Year and called Ash "band of the year" in the process. That's why those big newspapers are called The Quality Press.

The full review read:

Band of the year, Ash have bounced back with the Free All Angels album, three other singles and some fantastic live shows. Disguised as a warm, Walker Brothers-sampling ballad, "Candy" is a gripping self-examination about "pure as driven snow" powders rather than girls. The songwriting nous is matched by Tim Wheeler's honeyed vocals *****

Jan, 25, 02
Just got TAS cd delivered from amazon..hmmmm now i can see their vid anytime, hehe..
and got their TAS stickers too as well!! I've got 48..wooo!! =D
And Ash are releasing their b-sides album as the greatest hits this year....nope theyre not splitting, hope they'll be touring in my country again!

Jan 30, 2002

Ash and COLDPLAY frontmen TIM WHEELER and CHRIS MARTIN got together for an impromptu show at a LONDON pub last night (January 27).

The pair played a brief acoustic set at Filthy McNastys, an Irish bar in north London that they both frequent.

During an informal lock-in, Wheeler played a number of Ash hits including 'Girl From Mars' and 'Burn Baby Burn'. Martin previewed an untitled new track, as well as belting out a few classics of his own, including 'Yellow' and 'Trouble'. The two then joined forces on a number of covers, including a few Rolling Stones songs.

Amongst the assembled friends and drinkers was rising British comedian and actor Simon Pegg.

As revealed earlier on NME.COM, Coldplay are flying through sessions recording their new album, the follow-up to the multi-million selling debut 'Parachutes'. According to manager Phil Harvey, they are working "at pace" in their London studio and have recorded five songs in four weeks. The album should appear at the end of this year.

(from NME)

Feb 10, 2002
Read on what dmh said..
"roll over Snoop Dogg, Toploader and S Club, ASH just went platinum in the uk aswell as approaching double platinum in ireland. big up to everyone for the support. another disc for the wall. anyway the recent shows have been going cool and i cant remember much of amsterdam other than spaff is shit at darts."

Feb 21, 2002 Woooo Ash were on the Planet Rock Profiles on ch4 to follow soon! :) and DMH comes to chat very often recently..:S so make sure you've got the chanel address on your mind,

March, 02, 2002 Ash won again! This time BBB for Best Single on NME Awards!! Woohooo!! And rumor says that is one of the best sites according to NME too....(no doubt bout the board tho!!) Woohoo!! =D And here's what dmh says..what can i say. you know we've won. you know you've won. we're all the elite, be you a newbie. be you anti newbie man. be you phat c. be you sam r. be you banana. be you snow white. be you sophie. be you one of the rah's. be you tyler. be you even that maff person who supports untided. tonight showed what this message board / community has over all the pretenders. we are the business. pretend all you want. wannabes. this is the ash board dont fuck with us hallelejuehah. (how ever it's spelt) i'll post tomorrow sober but for now..... fuck yeah... ---you may recognize some of the boarder's names...--

March, 07,2002 Ash are snowboarding right now, here's what dmh has to say, in the board...

Chamonix day One

Chamonix day Two

Chamonix day Three

Chamonix day Four

Chamonix day Five

March 12, 2002 ---> Ash won! --> " Ash's Burn Baby Burn was the first record played on a new BBC digital radio station. Phill Jupitus hosted the first breakfast show on 6 Music, which is the BBC's first new music station for 32 years. The Ash single was chosen by music fans to launch 6 Music, with thousands of votes cast in a poll on the internet. The new digital station is designed to appeal to discerning music buffs aged between 25 and 45."

March 14, 2002 --> Ash gave their NME award to a seriously-ill fan. How sweet of them! Check out the NME for more infos..

March 22, 2002--> Yesterday: Mark Hamilton's birthday! :D The boarders dedicate a website for him, it's in the main area :D Anyways, Ash rocked on NYC on March 20...a full review and pics to follow!

March 24, 2002 --> I've added the pics from Ash's NYC show in the Pic section. And Weezer's gig, there was a surprise little visit by dmh.. :D consiering they are close! And have i told you that Tim dedicated Girl From Mars for dmh in their concert, for his birthday??

March 30, 2002--> JackASH today! It takes place at Hyde Park, and full review will follow! And there's another excellent news; Tim Wheeler is nominated at Ivor Novelloe awards as Best Songwriter for Shining Light!! Yaaay! :D But too bad we cant vote online, if we could he would win, I'm sure! :)

April 20, 2002--> Hehe, long time, no upload...Tim is having his own 'peaceful moment' to plan to write new songs for new album. And rumor has it that Ash and Coldplay will be touring US together?! Hmm, dunno, I'll tell you later more about it!

April 24, 2002--> Shining Light is nominated for Best Contemporary the Ivor Novello Awards :D Yay for that..and for Tim!!!

April 27th, 2002--> Irish Music Awards: Best Single; Shining Light. Best Album: FAA! Woo! Go Ash! :D And in the Hotpress awards..shining light sweeps it off again! :) It's a good year for Ash!

May 24th, Friday-->TIM won the Ivor Novello Awards for Best Contemporary Song (Shining Light)! Yay :D And -dmh's posted on board that he needs all the boarders to suggest names for Ash's 10-year-anniversary album... :) And he's planned to go to the boarders' event at Reading Fest, sweet..Ash b-sides album to be out before Reading, i guess! More updates later..

June 15, 2002--> "Hi everyone on "Ash here. This June is actually Ash's 10th birthday. Yes, it's hard to believe, but we're rock veterans a decade old! "Later this year we're gonna release a compilation called Intergalactic Sonic Sevens. CD1 will have all 19 singles we've released over the years - everything from our debut Jack Names The Planets to Burn Baby Burn, plus a brand new track, Envy. "CD2, Cosmic Debris, will be a selection of tracks from all the B-sides and rarities we've racked up. We got well over a hundred of these gems, but we've short listed around 40 for you to vote from. Last year we got fans to vote online for which towns we visited on tour and it was a great success, so we reckon why not give you the opportunity to pick the track listing - it saves us from any in-fighting! "Also, go to the official Ash website and check out our message board, where there'll be plenty of opinions of what should and shouldn't be included there. "So what are you waiting for? Get voting!" Ash (for more information, and how to get voting, go to

June 22nd, 2002--> Go here for Ash's latest news, written by DMH himself. Anyways...Ash Boarders' Meetup today! Grr..Dammit :p

Get Ash's latest news here

July, 13, 2002-->Ash's Envy vid has been released in the UK! Lots of kissing (dmh, I think) and people say it's a great vid and song! Can't wait for that! Rick's bday two days ago!He no longer has mohawk :p Anyasys, there's this slASH movie Jed Shepherd has made the teaer poster...hmmm.More updates later!!

Aug 02, 2002--> 'Slashed' is featured on the NME with the Radiohead cover with some cool quotes from dmh. Go get it! And you can download Envy video on the BBC Radio 1 site..hmm, what else? OH! Ash are touring with Coldplay in the states! More infos later..


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