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The Show Reviews

All right people, I've added a new page of my site. This is kinda like the Show&Reviews page, but here the shows are told by YOU, ash fans. If you'd like to send me your story, like where was the gig and when, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, now you can read the fans' stories about the Ash gig they went to.

Ash@Belfast, Limelight Bar, Dec. 21 2000

We arrived at the Limelight at about 7.15, we had read on the Radio 1 Northern Ireland website to be down early because everything was moved forward because of it being broadcast on radio. We parked the car opposite the Ash tourbus behind the venue, and before we went in we saw Mark, Ashs bass player going into the bus, making a good start to the evening.
We got in about 7.30, and where treated to the new Ash album being played. Snow Patrol opened up for Ash, coming on stage dead at 8 oclock. Snow Patrol are a band Ive heard great things about but never have actually heard. They impressed me a lot. They have a great rapport with the crowds, they are very funny people that can quip their way through the between song banter. They are quite loud, and use a few samples in their songs, but they played well and put everything into played despite only being the support act. They won over quite a few fans, including myself.
After Snow Patrol, we waited patiently for Ash. The place was filling up well, it was the busiest Ive ever seen the place. There where plenty of checks to be done on the equipment as first the bands sound guys had to check everything, then the radio guys had to check everything was sounding OK for the radio. We knew it was to start at 9.20 and at around 9.15 we where getting very excited and impatient. Then from out the doors came Steve Lamacq and we all started chanting Steve, Steve, Steve. It was really weird to see him in real life, hes even skinner than in the pictures. He came on the stage and introduced Ash to a huge cheer.

Ash came on stage, Tim holding aloft a Northern Ireland scarf, which got a huge cheer from us in the audience. They didnt say anything and launched straight into Lose Control. From the first few bars of the song you could tell it was going to be a great gig. They where hitting every note perfectly, and they where putting everything into playing, it was fast, it was loud and the crowd loved it. As soon as the drums landed for the first time, the whole crowd got going. I was lucky enough to be at the front, right in front of Tim, so I couldnt jump around much but I was still loving it. They went from Lose Control into Jesus Says, sounding as good as ever, and then went into A Life Less Ordinary, my favourite Ash song. By this stage, the crowd was going wild, everyone was jumping all over the place, singing the words out at the tops of their voices. They where ripping through the songs, playing them slightly faster than they do on record, but I think this sounds great live. It was after A Life Less Ordinary that Tim first spoke to the crowd, saying Hello, and greeting the listeners on the Radio. They introduced Warmer Than Fire, the first new song they had played that night. It was an internet download so we all knew the words. It was a bit of a more sedate number, but we where still able to have a great rock. At this stage, the sweat was beginning to pour off us. The Limelight is a tiny venue, with no ventilation and when everyone is jumping and there are so many people it all gets a bit warm. Ash had brought their own security guards with them, and they where used to these things, and they had bottles of water they kept throwing over us and giving us all drinks.
Ash played Darkside Lightside next, it was the first time Ive heard them play it live, and it sounded great. They where showing no signs of wilting, and I was finding it tough to keep going but I persevered. Ash didnt stop, they just launched straight into Goldfinger, it sounded really wonderful. Goldfinger is a big crowd favourite, and got many cheers and everyone had their arms in the air, singing along. Ash then played another new one, Slow Suicide, which was very loud and fast. Then came next single, Shining Light, which is one of the best songs I have heard in my life. It shimmers and soars, and they played it really well, bringing out the brightness in the song. Then another new one, Cherry Bomb, which is loud and fast again. You could see Ash where starting to get tired now, they took longer breaks between songs, talking to the audience a bit more. I must have looked tired because Tim handed me his water bottle from the stage. They finished the first set with Girl From Mars, played very loud and fast, and let the crowd takeover for the last verse, which was really cool. They said their goodnights, it was the end of the radio set, and we knew they would be back.
During the break, the security men got up on the barriers and told us they wanted to see everyone crowdsufing. They where the best security guys Ive seen. They appreciated the music, and looked to be enjoying themselves instead of standing with their arms folded looking grumpy. Ash came on, dried off, (mark had sweated so much he had changed into a fresh T-shirt) and apologised for it being a bit weird, walking off because of the Radio broadcast. They went into Walking Barefoot, another new one which sounds similar in style to Shining light, as its upbeat and poppy.

The crowdsurfers needed no further invites and they where going in a constant stream. Ash played a few old ones after that, starting with Uncle Pat. Tim came forward to the front of the stage playing, and I was able to reach out and shake his hand, even though he was still playing. He looked at me and laughed, and the first time he stopped playing, gave me a shake for real. They played Angel Interceptor next, they where still ripping through the set, even thought they where really warm, and the crowd kept jumping. It was really cool to be in amongst it all. Something happened to Tims guitar through the song and he had to swop guitars, but you wouldnt even have noticed if you hadnt seen it, theyre such professionals. Ash went into Oh Yeah next, it soared into the roof of the place, everyone was singing along and it was great. By now I was feeling really tired, and struggling to stay up. There where crowdsufers coming over me all the time, and it was really tight up at the front. Ash played Shark, another new song, and as it was new, I cant really remember much of it, but I remember enjoying it at the time. Ash played a more sedate number next, What Deaner Was Talking About, and they had to start it twice because the first time Marks bass was really out of tune and it sounded awful. But everyone laughed about it and we all got a few seconds rest. They played Petrol next, it was really fast and the crowd went ballistic, followed up by Kung Fu in the same hectic manner. Then they bid us goodnight, but I could see the setlist and see they where coming back.
After another few minutes, everyone yelling We want more Ash came back. The guys had stripped to their waists, but unfortunately Charlotte hadnt joined them. They invited us to do the same, and a few T-shirts went flying onto the stage! They then played us their version of Santa Claus is coming to town and it was the fastest, loudest most rocking version I have ever heard. They didnt exactly get the lyrics right, but who cares? It was fun! They played a very loud last two songs, Fortune Teller and Numbskull. To hear the whole crowd scream along with Tim on Numbskull was great. Then they really had finished, and they walked off to one of the loudest cheers I have ever heard in the Limelight. I was sad to see them go, but glad at the same time so I could get a break and a drink. I managed to get a setlist, and one of the security guys got me a pick on account of how banged up I got with all the crowdsurfers coming over my head. It was a thoroughly enjoyable gig. It was played passionately, with Ash really played what the fans wanted. I think the band enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed seeing them. It was great to see and hopefully Ill see them again when they tour the new album.

--as told by Hugon, Ash boarder--

Friday October 12:
Instore appearance at Skinny's Records, Brisbane QLD.

Quite a packed crowd to see the famous four! And i was hyped cos i had only just flew in from Sydney a few hours earlier.
Short people like myself didnt even get a glimpse of Tim and Charlotte on the small stage set up the back of the shop. A nice acoustic set of Burn Baby Burn, Shining Light, Candy, Goldfinger, Girl from Mars and What Deaner was Talking About (i think this is all they did, again im sorry but im trying to remember) I was quite amused by DMH reading a star wars comic book only cm away from me whilst Tim and Charlotte we on stage, with Rick watching from nearby.
Luckily where I was standing led me to be the first person in the queue to get my Cd signed. I got a picture with Tim and a picture of all members :) With my Cd autographed, and having met one of my fave bands i was one happy girl! :D

Saturday October 13th
Livid Music Festival, Brisbane QLD
Held at the RNA Showgrounds

Keen to be right at the front for their set i waited on the barrier at the front of the mosh. Finally they took stage and the crowd gave them a hearty cheer. Burn baby Burn, Shining Light, Walking Barefoot were amongst the songs of Free All Angels, and again the songs off 1977 were a crowd pleaser. Girl From Mars and Goldfinger. Wild Surf another favorite. The song that really got the crowd going was Numbskull and it definitely proved to be a favorite from where i was. A great set from an awesome band who were a definite crowd pleaser!!

--As told by Arns, ash boarder--

The Metro in Sydney - Jan 1999
I can't actually remember much of this gig but I do remember jumping around a lot. I was very excited by the fact that they had the toilet sign t-shirt for sale even if it was three sizes too big.
The gig started off with two good but fairly mellow supports, Pollen and Hoolahan.
The set included many old standards off 1977 and Trailer such as Girl from Mars, Oh yeah, Angel Interceptor etc...basically all their singles mixed in with loads of stuff from Nu-Clear sounds.
This was the first tour that Chrlotte did in Australia and also had Dick Kurtaine on decks. Charlotte also had plaitnum blonde hair which was previously dyed a reddy colour or vice versa.
Towards the end of the show Tim told us all to go get fucked with the Fun Lovin' Crimnals who happened to be playing the next night at the same venue. The Metro in Sydney - Oct 4th 2001
Walking in I vowed I would not buy another band t-shirt...I would not buy another band t-shirt....I would not buy another band t-shirt' what did I do...I bought another t-shirt! hey, it was an 'evil my little pony'...who could resist?
The night started off with me very damn excited...but this exciement was dampened by an awful support band, Lash. It may sound good on the bill, Ash and Lash, but their vocals couldn't be heard properly and each song sounded the same. Most people chose to leave and come back in just before Ash.
You could feel the tension and excitement in the room, as everyone knew why they were here and boy, did Ash live up to our expectations! Featuring a set that included many songs off Free all Angels such as Walking Barefoot, Shining Light, Submission, Nicole, World Domination just to name a few. The highlight of the set was an amazing rendition of 'Only in Dreams'. This brilliant gig was only a taste of things to come though! (see next review)

The Metro in Sydney - Oct 5th (u can find the vague setlist for this show in the tour areas section under the thread 'longest set ever?')
Was this longest set certainly seemed like it! Again the the evening kicked off with Lash and another support band called Faker. Faker were a bit unpolished but showed some loads of promise. Lash again were shit prompting one drunk girl in the audience to heckle them towards the end of their set. I bought yet another ash t-shirt and settled myself in for the ride!
The set started off pretty much the same as the night before. It was the encore that made the difference. The energy and enthusiasm bounced off the band and straight onto the audience. Some of the songs included were Warmer than Fire...which prompted Tim to say that he thought it was the best song ever written and wish Ash had wrote it, Teenage Kicks (a particular crowd favourite!), Nicole, World Domination, Girl from Mars, Oh yeah, Pacific Palisades, Shining Light, Burn baby burn, Jack names the planets, Deaner, Uncle Pat, and a great version of Numbskull with the audience trying to fill in all the record scratching sounds with all sorts of strange yelpings and hollerings....
The extended encore had people yelling left right and centre for songs they wanted to hear....such as Melon Farmer...there was even a call for AC/DC! They kept asking us whether we wanted them to just fuck off and the answer was always a resounding NO!
The set started around 11:15pm and ended just after 1am with many happy punters swarming around talking to random strangers about the songs they just heard! Angel Inetrceptor (as well as Candy)was sorely missed from their set by me but hey, you can't everything!
I have never seen a band so together and in tune with each other and their music providing one of the best gigs i have seen in my entire life! :D

--As told by kim_t, ash boarder--

Pepsi Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary, 7th August 2001

We arrived to the festival around 2. Ash were on stage
around six, so until then we just walk aroud on the island
and see some gigs. I was really excited and could hardly
wait until six, but finally the time had come. At first Tim
appeared on the stage, followed by Chaz, Rick and finally
Mark and they started to play. Tim said 'hello' in

They played BBB, ALLO, A girl from mars, Cherry bomb, Oh
yeah (not sure about the right order) and after that Only
in dreams came, Tim walked through in front of the crowd.
(He was sooo fine.) They also performed Shining light,
Submission, World domination, Walking barefoot..uhm, I just
can't think of any other right now. They were really great
though. Mark was smiling at us all the time, Chaz was very
kind, too. Oh, and Tim also said 'thank you' in Hungarian.
After seeing Oasis live last year, I thought all of the
bands from the UK were just so cocky but fortunately I was
wrong because Ash is the best and nicest band not just in
the UK but on the whole Planet. The only thing that I was
sad about that they didn't come back after the crowd was
yelling 'more'. Anyway it was still the best gig that I've
ever seen.

--Niki, ash boarder--

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