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The AshLand!!

The music is what matters most...

Here's a few things of ash that i know.
CDs, Eps, whatever! Check it out!

Released Date: 1994 October
Record Label: Infectious
Highest Chart Position: No. 3 in Indie Album Chart
Songs: 1. Season
2. Jack Names The Planets
3. Intense Thing
4. Uncle Pat
5. Get Out
6. Petrol
7. Obscure Thing

EXTRA ON US VERSION..Hulk Hoggan Bubble Bath Different Today Punk Boy Day Of The Triffids

Album: 1977
Release Date: (US) June 11 1996, (UK) May 6
Record Label: Infectious
Highest Chart Position: 1
Songs: 1. Lose Control
2. Goldfinger
3. Girl From Mars
4. I'd Give Anything
5. Gone The Dream
6. Kung Fu
7. Oh Yeah
8. Let It Flow
9. Innocent Smile
10. Angel Interceptor
11. Lost In You
12. Darkside Lightside

(in a few country there are dditional songs such as T-Rex and Everywhere Is All Around)
ps: ohh..and the famous Sck Party too!(hidden)

Album:Live At The Wireless
Release Date: Feb 1997
Record Label: Deathstar
Highest Chart Position:7
Songs: 1. Darkside Lightside
2. Girl From Mars
3. Oh Yeah
4. T Rex
5. I'd Give You Anything
6. Kung Fu
7. What Deaner Was Talking About
8. Goldfinger
9. Petrol
10. A Clear Invitation To Party ( Vocals By LEIF!)

Album: Nuclear Sounds
Release Date: Oct 1998
Record Label: Infectious
Highest Chart Positon: 7
Songs: 1. Projects
2. Low Ebb
3. Jesus Says
4. Wildsurf
5. Deathtrip 21
6. Folk Song
7. Numbskull
8. BurnOut
9. Aphrodite
10. Fortune Teller
11. I'm Gonna Fall

Jack Names The Planets: 1. Jack Names The Planets
2. Don't Know
Petrol: 1. Petrol
2. The Little Pond
3. A Message From Oscar Wilde And Patrick The Brewer
4. Things

Uncle Pat: 1. Uncle Pat
2. Different Today
3. Hulk Hoggan Bubble Bath

Kung Fu: 1. Kung Fu
2. Day Of The Triffids
3. Luther Ingo's Star Cruiser

Girl From Mars: 1. Girl From Mars
2. Astral Cov. With Toulouse Lautrec
3. Cantina Band

Angel Interceptor: 1. Angel Interceptor
2. 5am Eternal
3. Give Me Some Truth

Get Ready: 1. Get Ready
2. Zero zero

Goldfinger: 1. Goldfinger
2. I Need Somebody
3. Sneaker
4. Get Ready

Oh Yeah: 1. Oh Yeah
2. T-Rex
3. Everywhere Is All Around
4. Does Your Mother Know?

Barbie 7": 1. I Only Want To Be With You
2. Devils Haircut
3. Kung fu

ALLO: 1. A Life Less Ordinary ( ALLO)
2. What Deaner Was Talking About
3. Where Is Our Love Going
4. Halloween
ps: FIRST SINGLE Charlotte included!

Jesus Says:cd1: 1. Jesus Says cd2:1.Jesus Says-
2. Taken Out remix
3. Heroin, Vodka, White Noise 2.Radiation
3. Dancing
On The Moon

Wildsurf: cd1: 1. Wildsurf
2. Stormy Waters
3. When Tired
cd2: 1. Wildsurfextended
2. Lose Control
3. Gonna Do It Soon

Numbskull: 1. Numbskull
2. Blew
3. Who You Drivin' Now
4. Jesus Says-LIVE
5. Girl From Mars-Live
6. Fortune Teller-LIVE

Shining Light:cd1: 1. Shining Light
2. Warmer Than Fire
3. Gabriel

Sometimes: cd1: 1. Sometimes
2. Skull of Sulphur
3. The Story Goes + Sometimes Vid

Sometimes: cd2: 1. Sometimes (Album Version)
2. Teenage Kicks
3. Melon Farmer (Live) + Ash Video Mixer Update

Candy : CD1: 1. Candy
2. Candy Vid
3. Waterfall
4. Nocturne

CD2: 1. Video Mixer version 1.2
2. Stay In Love Forever
3. The Sweetness of Death ( by Obsidian Knife)

DVD: Including Episode 3: "No.1...Sorry Ms. Jackson"

There's A Star: 1. coasting (finally gets recorded) - was recorded for the evening session
in '95
2. here comes the music
3. no place to hide
4. +untitled'
(as told by DMH)

Favorite CD

In this area I'll talk about my favorite CD by this band. I'll try to explain why I think it's the band's best work and why it's important to me personally..
Even though they've released FREE ALL ANGELS, I still think the best album is nuclear-sounds, even though some say it's crap.Nuclear is the best album, followed by 1977 and free all angels.

Favorite Song

In this area, I'll talk about my favorite song by this band, including what I think the song means and why it's so important to me.
Songs in nu-clear sounds are all great, but from that album I'd pick Folk Song, Deathtrip21 and projects. They're such cool songs.Folk Song has some personal memory for me. ;)
From 1977, when Ash were still the threesome, I like Darkside Lightside, Angel Interceptor, and of course, Innocent Smile.
And finally, from FAA, my fav are Submission, Walking Barefoot, Someday-definitely!- , Shark and Nicole.
What are your favorites??