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The AshLand!!
Ash Profiles

ash profiles--pics courtesy of ash-official!

OK, here I'll include all the profiles of Ash member. Let's start with my favorite, the Darth first...



*Name : Mark Hamilton (a.k.a DMH)
*DOB : 21st March 1977
*Instrument : Bass Guitar (Gibson Thunderbird)
*Height : 6 ft 1"
*Wight : heavy
*Hair color : auburn (or as he says, 'rat coloured')
*Influences : Nirvana, Sonic Youth
*Likes : Snow, Super Mario Bros.
*Loves : Star Wars
*Hates: Fish!
*Prized Possesion: Carrie Fisher's autograph
*Home : Downpatrick, Co. Down
*Desired second occupation : Pilot
*Top Ash song: Goldfinger
*Fav Jacket : Bench
*Fav Star Wars Character : R2-D2
*Fav alcohol : Absolut citron, cranberry with orange
*Songs he'd written : Innocent Smile, Nicole, I Need Somebody, Gabriel, Get Out



*Name : Timothy Wheeler
*DOB : O4th January, 1977
*Instrument : Guitar (Les Paul), Vocs
*Height : 5 ft 7"
*Weight : light
*Hair colour : dark
*Influences : Thin Lizzy, ABBA, Nirvana
*Likes :Music
*Loves : wild sex
*Hates:crap TV
*Prized Possesions : Van Morisson cd-Astral Weeks
*Home : Downpatrick, Co. Down
*Regrets: too many to mention
*Songs he'd written: almost all!



*Name : Charlotte Franklin Hatherley
*D.O.B : June 20th 1979
*Instruments : Guit, Vox, Keys
*Heights : 5'8"
*Hair Colour : Black
*Influences : David Bowie, George Orwell
*Likes : Listening to David Bowie
*Loves : Band and going gigging
*Hates : Tomatoes
*Prized Possession : CD's and cactus plants
*Home : England
*Songs she's written : A few, together with Tim

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