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The AshLand!!
Related Links

(And just to let you know I'll only put the best ash fan sites here, the ones with really amazing stuff on their web, and the ones tht are really fantastic.) ;)

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And these are the cool links of Ash fans' websites..
the band's official site:

TOP site--birlliant design, lots of cool stuff there. Chatroom, messageboard, where you can interact with the real ash bassist DMH, pictures, and the new section added; Calendar. And there's also a lot of MP3s,lots of their footage vids, or backstage vids.

And there are a few websites of other bands that I like....

other ash links i know:

Complete Ash site

A very cool Ash fansite, very complete and according to me, is one of the most amazing Ash sites! It's got lots of cool stuff like MP3s, Poll, Quiz, Tabs,Tourdates, Videography and loadddss..more. And the design's cool, too. Go here if you're interested!

Top-class pictures!I don't know where she (or he?) got it, but go there if you want to see cooooll Ash pictures--live, backstage, whatever. Just check it out.

brother site: JediSteve's web

Great website, updated very well, you can catch up on ash's latest news on his site. He's a user from the official board too, so I guess all of you who came from there already visited his site. Includes bass tablature, and the lyirics section is very complete. Go check it out!

Australian Ash Site

Great Ash site, lots of cool links, and has a very cool design thing! And the pictures are cool, also. Go check it out, the founder is one of the board users too.

Interactive Ash Site

Jed Shepherd's first world's ash interactive site! I guess he's still updating it..It'll be a veryyyyy cool ash site!
Don't waste yer time and visit this site! This site "makes the official site looks shite!!" (LOL) And he has minisites for dmh, tim, chazza and rick, really, really worth checking out!
What dmh says about this man: "Jed, you're one funny bastard, salute."

The Ash Team

Very cool Ash site--especially if you're from the official board. This site is about the boarders, and their photos, and the best thing is, DMH joined! =D That shows just how much he cares 'bout his fans. This is made by the brilliant ideas of G-funk and TomboyIII, and designed by girl_from_pumpkinland. Really worth checking out...

Sam's World of Ash

Samantha's site, she's a boarder too, it's v cool, specially the pics! You have to see it, and she has this own page full of DMH's artworks, it's amazing.

Ash @ The Priorities

Great site, done very well and has a good page for Ash, and they put me there =)
Worth checking out! Not only Ash, tho, there are different bands too!

Reefus^ Ash Site


A cool website with Ash contest; amazing prizes indeed! Check it out NOW, the prizes are worth it, I'm telling you. Closing date: October 21st, so get your butt there!!